The Pantanal is a unique destination and appeals to the most demanding of travelers. In the region of Pousada Rio Mutum for its varied reliefs it is possible to find throughout the year different landscapes and an enormous biodiversity.

For nature lovers we offer:

Trails around the inn to observe fauna and flora;

Horseback Riding

Horse riding through enclosed woods, crossing corbains and flooded;

Canoe Tours

Canoe rides through the floodwaters;


Departures at dawn to enjoy the sunrise and the awakening of life in the Pantanal;


Boat or Jeep safaris for observation of nocturnal animals;
Jeep or boat trips and safaris that cover more than 50 km, in total immersion in nature, for observation of the local fauna and flora;

Community Visit

Visit Cuiabá-Mirim, a riverside community located on the banks of the Cuiabá River, where the culture and customs of the pantaneiro man are presented;

Boat Trips

Motor boat trips through the bays and corixos, to observe the fauna and flora that inhabit its banks, with a stop for appreciation of the sunset and the famous piranha fishing;

Photographic Safari

Photo safari on the Mutum River, with its rare and unique beauty.