Vacation Specials

Pousada do Rio Mutum - Pantanal Eco-Lodge is located in the municipality of Barão de Melgaço, in one of the most beautiful regions of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso. This municipality is known as the most pantaneiro of the State of Mato Grosso. With an extension of approximately 11,000 square kilometers, only 3% of this area is made up of dry land. This is a privileged region, because it concentrates all kinds of landscape that make up the Pantanal ecosystem. The natural beauty and the rich biodiversity of this part of the Pantanal form a set differentiated by the singularity of its landscapes formed by hills, savannas, rivers, corixos, and huge flooded areas, some temporary and others permanent. What is most striking about this wonderful scenario is that the preservation of all existing species of life depends directly on the cycle and rhythm of the waters. The Pousada do Rio Mutum also has the proximity of the famous Bays of Siá Mariana and Chacororé, is more than 15 kilometers long (almost twice the Bay of Guanabara in Rio de Janeiro) is best known for the legends and myth created by the population riverbank that inhabits the banks of the Cuiabá River. * Site's photos: John Stuelpnagel, Mike Bueno, Silvio Vince Esgalha and Joaquim Mello